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Or he is trying to push them both down a steep embankment, in a last ditch effort to preserve sole ownership of his train set," Eric jokingly captioned the same photo of his wife and son on his Instagram account.

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"Every day we get a book from Amazon and she gives me the highlights and sets it on my side table, so her stack of books gets smaller and my stack gets bigger." PHOTOS: Famous TV fathers Olsen -- known for his roles in -- added that he also has several pregnancy apps on his phone -- including one that compares the size of their growing baby to fruit.

Father and son have had plenty of time to bond lately as mom's been working late. ' to this Adorable New Comedy "I came home at six in the morning," Sarah recalled. They looked like a couple of frat boys with their shirts off.

The pair will be directed by Doug Liman in the film which follows the fact-based tale of Barry Seal, a pilot who, in the 1980s, was a gun runner, and drug trafficker who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel.

Sarah will play a former homecoming queen-turned-homemaker who in the beginning is completely unaware of the exploits of her husband, who was eventually shot to death by the Medellin cartel in Baton Rouge.

Said Wright, "He's like, ' Our baby is the size of a papaya today! The future parents began dating in 2007 and got engaged four years later.

, the couple has to split duty in taking care of their 17-month-old son Wyatt Oliver.