Leica summar 5 cm dating

The Elmar 3.5cm was delivered as a sample lens to a Leitz representative (Barsing, Reise) in 1934 and went back to the factory in January 1938. Karl Henkell’s gold-plated ‘Luxus’ Leica camera from 1931 " data-medium-file="https://i2com/tyylit.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Gold-Plated-Luxus-Leica-Camera-1.jpg?

fit=445,300" data-large-file="https://i2com/tyylit.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Gold-Plated-Luxus-Leica-Camera-1.jpg? fit=550,367" class="size-full wp-image-849" alt="Karl Henkell's gold-plated ‘Luxus’ Leica camera from 1931" src="https://i2com/tyylit.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Gold-Plated-Luxus-Leica-Camera-1.jpg?

The lens is also rare - less than 1600 were manufactured in Alpa mount and this figure includes the more common black version. Body c.1959, lens c.1955 Exakta Varex IIa dummy ( waist level finder), s/no. Condition 4-5/J (shutter faulty, blinds pin-holed). Condition 4-5/D (optics slightly marked - will have no noticeable effect on pictures) Nikkor-P. C 10.5cm f2.5, Leica screw mount caps, hood, case & box.

Ex-Corfield collection Gallus (Paris) Derby-Lux, 50mm f3.5 Gallix. This is the very rare early 'Derby-Lux' version, later named 'Derlux' Leica III converted to IIIf body, chrome. The serial number is missing from the Hahne list Leica IIIf red-dial, delayed-action 5cm f2.8 Elmar E. Very useable and very rare lens - probably only 1600 manufactured and this is the rarer version, not marked 'C'. Condition 4/D (optics very slightly marked - will have no noticeable effect on pictures) Nikkor-H 5cm f2, Leica screw mount, rare late version with black aperture ring, focusing to 1.5 feet Walz UV filter & Nicca cap. Rare, hard-to-find second version of black lens with rare hood Nikkor-P.

Note 'Nr.' instead of 'No.' serial number prefix & 'Gmb H' engraving. Condition 3/E (minor haze - useable 'as is' and should clean if dismantled). 5cm f1.4, Leica screw mount, first '5005' series, close-focus to 1.5 feet rear cap & original bakelite cap with 'Made in Occupied Japan' marking. C 8.5cm f2 (Occupied-Type II), Leica screw mount rear cap, hood & case. Condition 4/D (optics very slightly marked - will have no noticeable effect on pictures).

Condition 4/G (1/500th & 1/1000th not opening, optics slightly marked - will have no noticeable effect on pictures). Leitz, New York) Wollensak 127mm f4.5 Velostigmat Ser. Condition 5-6/E (optics slightly marked - will have no noticeable effect on pictures, oil on iris blades, focus not 100% smooth) Leica M4 body, chrome cap, instructions, box, service card & original invoice dated 5/4/72 (all with matching numbers). C, chrome, for rangefinder finder, caps, hood & case. Rare lens - only 1,924 manufactured in rangefinder mount, including both chrome & black versions Nikkor 3.5cm f1.8 W-Nikkor, Leica screw mount caps & case. Only 1200-1300 manufactured including those in rangefinder mount Nikkor-P. C 8.5cm f2, black, for rangefinder hood, caps & case.

Their 1935 Xenon produced to give Leica users a competitive lens fell well short of the mark and couldn't touch the Sonnar." (Pan F - rangefinderforum.com)Das von Jakob Bertele gerechnete Zeiss Sonnar 5cm 1:1.5 (1932) ist sicherlich eines der wichtigsten Kleinbild-Objektive überhaupt.

West Licht thinks that this lens was then used for being gold plated and acquired by Karl Henkell.

Very early black painted M2 with lever rewind, converted to accept the New York Motor Drive 14000, including original New York Motor Drive no.02474 and maker's box with matching number of body and motor, both in mint condition Only 100 cameras with special black painted Elmar 3.5/5cm were manufactured for the Swedish military in 1956.

a remarkable lens, superb close up results and wonderful colour rendering, considering that Zeiss produced this lens in 1933, which makes it 78 years of age, and still a great performer.

Leica optics were well behind Zeiss at this date and Leitz's fastest lenses - the F2 Summar and F2.5 Hektor - couldn't compete with Bertele's F1.5 Sonnar in the performance stakes.