Liquidating office

Our company has several brokers on staff that buy and sell used / as-is furniture throughout North America from companies and office furniture dealers.

Kentwood works closely with companies that want to get some value from their used furniture as part of making the financial aspects of their new product purchase feasible or those that simply need to dispose of used furniture.

Recently, UMC Moving was relocating Nippon Benefit Life from 521 Fifth Avenue to 655 Third Avenue and the client requested a Quote from UMC to dispose of all remaining office effects once the physical relocation was completed.

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Do you want to remodel your existing business, but you have to get rid of your old furniture first?

In fact, liquidation is one of the best things you can do if you want to replace the furniture at any of your offices in the greater Miami area.

When your furniture is brought in to be sold, you’ll be turning your solid furniture into liquid, usable money…

In fact, we provide ceiling, wall, and carpet repair and replacement services to get your space back to normal and ready to lease again.

For more information on our office furniture liquidation services for Los Angeles workplaces, contact Liquis today.