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’ And everyone hoping that they wouldn’t be Charlotte?

How about those fabulous outfits that Carrie never could have afforded on her writer’s salary in a million years?

Especially in her column, which was peppered with this phrase more often than any real-life editor would let her get away with.

It’s been a bestselling self-help book and a hit movie, but guess what, guys: Carrie’s boyfriend Jack Berger (the jealous writer who famously broke up with her via a post-it note…ugh), said it first.

When Charlotte runs into her old sorority sisters and talks about her sex life, they’re horrified.

Finally we had a show that women could champion, where we called the shots and then drank them.See, the show isn’t just about Manolo Blahnik, sex and cosmopolitans. – See more at: W7Vb Samantha: (to the girls) I think I have monogamy. Were we all, in fact, just dating the same person over and over again? ” Carrie“What if Prince Charming had never shown up?Beneath the apparent frivolity lies so much truth and honesty about women’s perception of life. – See more at: W7Vb Samantha: (to the girls) I think I have monogamy. Would Snow White have laid in that glass box forever? A belief that someone, somewhere, is holding the key to your heart and your dream house. Were they just a runner-up contestant in this game show called “Happily Ever After”? Is it right when it feels comfortable, or is comfortable a sign that there aren’t any fireworks? And if you love someone and it didn’t work out, does that mean they weren’t your soul mate?