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Khamenei, who has the final say on all matters of state, said that “if some are making factional use of this (infiltration), it’s a mistake.

Iran used a Star of David as a target for a missile test last year, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations revealed Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Iran fired missiles at Syria, targeting ISIS positions in the first attack by Iran outside its country in 30 years — since the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988, the Times of Israel reported.

The missiles were seen as a threat to Israel and the US.

Human rights activists reported the government did not initiate anti-trafficking investigations due to a lack of political will and widespread corruption.“I have one message for Iran: Don’t threaten Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the attack.It’s online dating as you’ve never seen it before – no profile photos, matches are chosen for you, and parents must also go on the first date, but is Iran’s government-controlled dating service fighting a losing battle against Western desires?The government also agreed to improve cooperation with a few countries in the region to combat trafficking.However, as in previous reporting periods, the government did not share information on its anti-trafficking efforts.