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All modern UK canned beer is descended from these small, early cans which helped change the drinking and beer-buying habits of the British public.We first discuss the "Una Ronald" story as described in Dark Moon.

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From this time, lightweight tin cans could be used.She takes care of her mom who just had back surgery and drives an hour to work each way. and somehow manages not to make me feel like the laziest person alive. I ordered THREE separate times because I kept thinking of names and different words I wanted on the bottles.I ordered one for everyone in my family and I’m going to put the bottles in our Christmas stockings this year – so fun! Got a six pack of these babies sitting on my desk right now. Have you heard of Coca-Cola’s #Sharea Coke program? A contentious reference to the sugar limit was removed from a global diet strategy, but the recommendation passed. sugar industry was so incensed it lobbied Congress to threaten to withdraw millions of dollars in funding to WHO.