Validating dea number

Med Pro Concur Connect solution is available in both Concur Expense and Concur Invoice.

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The CSOS Certification Authority (CSOS CA) is operated by DEA and issues CSOS Certificates to approved DEA Registrants and Power of Attorneys.We are leveraging CMS’ access to all PDE data and using it to guide our anti-fraud efforts and share the results of our analysis with Part D plan sponsors, law enforcement agencies and pharmacy and physician licensing boards, as appropriate, so this information can assist our joint efforts to combat fraud and abuse.A centerpiece of this strategy that focuses on protecting beneficiaries is the identification of Part D enrollees who have potential opioid or acetaminophen overutilization issues that indicate the need to implement appropriate controls on these drugs for the identified beneficiaries.The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) takes this problem seriously and is taking steps to protect Medicare beneficiaries and the Medicare Trust fund from the harm and damaging effects associated with prescription drug abuse.CMS’ fraud and abuse strategy for Part D is data driven and focuses on the validation and analysis of Part D claims data (Prescription Drug Event, or PDE, data) that CMS receives from Part D sponsors.