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People would call me a w**re when I walked down the street, and you can't not be hurt by that." Wood and Manson got engaged in January 2010, but ended their romance later that year.Opening up about the former relationship to the publication, openly bisexual Wood admits it was make-up wearing Manson's androgyny that she was first attracted to.They met while doing a musical cabaret about John Hughes in LA; Evan previously dated another cast member from that play as well.This year they started a band called Rebel and a Basketcase, based on the characters from The Breakfast Club.The pair had met a year earlier when Manson, real name Brian Warner, was still married to burlesque artist Dita Von Teese, their relationship didn't begin until 2006.Wood's romance with Manson led to her being labelled a home wrecker, with many speculating that she was to blame for his marriage ending.

After the pair reunited in 2011, they dated for more than a year before getting married in October, 2012.Probably inheriting her acting skills from her actor parents, Evan Rachel Wood kicked off her career in early 1990s.She at first appeared on several television series, including "American Gothic" and "Once and Again".Making her debut as a leading film actress in "Digging to China" (1998), it wasn't until she was billed to portray Tracy Louise Freeland in the 2003 semi-autobiographical drama film "Thirteen" that Wood rose to mainstream success.In addition to being nominated for several prestigious awards, she won Prism Award for Performance in a Theatrical Feature Film.