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Facilier,"Hey Freddie I thought you we're at the shop?"CJ asked."oh I was but I got bored come on let's have some wicked fun"Freddie said smirking, CJ smirked back and agreed."CJ asked annoyed that they ruined her fun,"Dad wants you too come home it's time for dinner"Harriet said.CJ said good bye to Freddie and followed her siblings to her father ship,their home the Jolly Rodgers,"Hey father"The three children said together.The glaciers extended beyond the villages of Tsepelovo (1100 m) and Skamnelli (1200 m) down to about 850 m a.s.l. Excellent exposures also exist down to altitudes as low as 1000 m in the Vadulakkos valley on the northern slopes of Mount Smolikas (Hughes et al., 2006d). The oldest secondary carbonates from sediments associated with this phase of glaciation are beyond the range of uranium-series dating and six samples yielded ages 350 ka (Fig.Ice cover on Mount Tymphi during the Skamnellian glaciation approached 60 km at its maximum extent, and the mean equilibrium line altitude (ELA) was ca. 15.8 and 15.10) (Woodward et al., 2004; Hughes et al., 2006b).FIGURE 15.5 An oblique air photograph of Mount Tymphi looking to the south and southwest. 15.9 shows, the earliest and most extensive phase of glacial activity took place before 350 ka and saw the formation of large ice fields and valley glaciers on the southern slopes of Mount Tymphi and across the Astraka-Gamila plateau.

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At this time, most of the Astraka-Gamila plateau was ice free while glaciers advanced to mid-valley positions above Tsepelovo and Skamnelli (Figs. During the maximum extent of this glaciation, the mean ELA was ca. Eight uranium-series ages have been obtained from sediments belonging to this phase of glaciation.The oldest secondary carbonates have been correlated with MIS 11, and the Skamnellian Stage glacial deposits are correlated with the Elsterian Stage of northern Europe and MIS 12 (Hughes et al., 2006b).During the Vlasian glaciation, the maximum extent of ice cover (ca.These range in age from 80.45 15.1 to 131.25 Æ 19.25 ka and indicate that this phase of glacial activity took place before the last interglacial during MIS 6.The Vlasian Stage is correlated with the late Saalian Stage of northern Europe and MIS 6 (Hughes et al., 2006b).